Antarctica Unique Travel Post Cards

Are you also a traveler who seeks the unordinary? Antarctica might just be the place for you.

Hey there! I am a traveler from Wisconsin and I always search for the unordinary, that alone is already a challenge for me because as a traveler I believe that it is all about going out of your comfort zone and making unforgettable memories. Since I am already far away from home, I should try something that can’t be done at home. And so, I did.

As I see it, there are only a few people who would even think about going to Antarctica. It’s very rare to have it on a tourist’s travel wish list. Well, not in mine. Together with some other adventurous travelers, we flew (Wisconsin to Argentina), cruised (Ushuaia to Antarctica) and journeyed to the impossible! Now, I am about to show you a review of my experience in the unique Antarctica.

There is no existing specific language in Antarctica. The commonly used language there is Russian, but almost everyone can speak in English, so you don’t need to worry about communication gaps.

We began our trip around January because according to other useful sites, December and January receives the most sunlight for up to 20 hours per day which means that it is the warmest time of the year in Antarctica during these months which would also include the view of the wildlife in Antarctica.

As we arrive, there wasn’t a minute wasted. Everything was white and beautiful! Antarctica, in its own way, did not fail to impress me. It is a place worth unforgetting. Here are some destinations and activities I did during my stay in Antarctica.

Deception Island
A unique name for a unique island. This place is horrific and beautiful at the same time. As mentioned by our tour guide, surprisingly, we were actually walking on an active volcano in Antarctica. He further explained that because of its constant eruptions, the volcano deformed and disseminated molten rocks which made it to look like a horseshoe-shaped caldera. It may be an active volcano but it is still one of the safest docks in Antarctica. During the old times, Deception Island was used for seal hunting and whaling. As proof, we actually saw whale bones by the shores of the
island. At present, it is being used for science and tourism.

Camping on Ice
This might be the craziest thing to do but it’s actually one of the best! You may be uncomfortable at first, but after camping you will feel proud of yourself because you survived such a foolish act and you can brag about it back at home.

As for options, you may choose to set a tent or just lay a sleeping bag with bivy sack on bare ice. Some of us had tents, but me and my buddies took the challenge and slept with nothing but our sleeping bags and bivy sacks. No regrets, we had the best camping experience ever!

Send a Post Card to the Future You
You’ve read it right! You can send a post card in Antarctica. The post office is located at Port Lockroy and it is also a fascinating place to visit since it is surrounded by the ‘locals’ of Antarctica, the penguins. Why send it to the future you? Because you will receive the card for about 2-3 months. Cool, isn’t it?

I have more in store for you and I tell you, Antarctica is BEAUTIFUL!

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