Travel The Wild Antarctica

Nothing beats the wildlife in Antarctica! Other than sleeping on bare ice, we did other wild activities. We were also given this once in a lifetime chance to see the wild creatures only present in Antarctica.

A Wild-Class Meet and Greet: The Stars of Happy Feet!
Penguins are the so called “locals” of the continent because they are just everywhere! We went to Antarctica around January because according to other sources, it is the warmest time of the year during December and January. In this month, penguins also begin to hatch their eggs which would mean that penguin chicks will be scattered around the continent during this season! Other than the chicks, you will also get the chance to appreciate different types of penguins such as Emperor penguins, Chinstrap penguins, Rockhopper penguins and many more.

The Wild Zodiac Ride and Kayaking
These were probably the most thrilling rides I’ve ever experienced my whole life. The first one was the zodiac ride, we were about 8-10 people who hopped on the boat and we started to cruise the icy waters of Antarctica. Our guides took us to Pleneau Bay and you will be mesmerized with the view. We saw unique ice formations that were thousands of years old. We got to capture the bluest ice you would only witness in Antarctica. We saw different kinds of seals on floating ice, wild birds flying right above us, and a big whale rising from the waters by surprise. After the zodiac tour, we had enough break and immediately resumed. This time, we had to ride sea kayaks individually. We returned to the zodiac and then went to calmer waters. For us to ride a kayak, we had to jump from the zodiac and it made me nervous. The boats were sturdy so we had to hold on to the boats. Thankfully, I didn’t fall but that was just the beginning. Riding a kayak needs balance and I was really tested here. I was probably one of the slowest rowers from our batch but as long as I’m safe then it’s fine (Oh, the selfish me). Other than that, the whole kayak experience was awesome! We thought the suspense was over since we didn’t fall in the icy waters of Pleneau Bay, until the last day of our trip. Little did we know that we have this option to test our courage by willingly jumping into icy cold water.

The Wild Mad-Crazy Tradition: The Polar Plunge
♪♫♪ “And if you feel you’re sinking, I will jump right over into cold, cold water for you…” ♪♫♪  I bet you know this song and that is what we did. You don’t want to miss the polar plunge tradition. Basically, this will require you to jump at sub-zero water only wearing regular swimsuits. After the jump, you will be given a certificate for bravely completing the wild mad-crazy tradition. I did not hesitate when I jumped on that cold, cold water. Shivers all-throughout my body, but it was worth the jump. What a way to end our trip! People back here at home said, “Have you gone mad?” and we actually told them “We were. but if you were there, you would probably do the same thing.” Why not? You’re in Antarctica! It’s a once in a lifetime chance, make every stop a memorable destination.

All your travel experiences, wherever the location is, will be beneficial to you in the future and Antarctica must definitely be on your list! So, what are you waiting for? Save the money, book a flight, pack your things, ready your cameras and travel to the lowest part of the earth!

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